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The injuries that you or your loved one suffered in a crash involving a semi, a utility truck or any type of truck may have been severe. You may face a long recovery or you may need to file a wrongful death claim after your family member died in a truck accident. In either case, you need an experienced litigator on your side as you prepare to do battle with legal opponents, such as a truck driver’s or trucking company’s insurance company.

I am personal injury lawyer William J. Tinning, and I am willing and well qualified to help you maximize financial recovery after a truck accident. If a hospital lien or any other legal obstacle is in your way, I am ready to fight for your right to all available compensation that you deserve.

Causes Of Truck Accidents And Paths To Compensation

Determining what caused a truck accident is important for discovering who is liable for compensation. The necessary investigation is a job for an experienced lawyer. At William J. Tinning, PC, you will find a capable legal team ready to begin accident reconstruction efforts. I am lawyer William J. Tinning, and I am on your side as you seek the light at the end of the tunnel of your suffering and losses.

I have handled many truck accident cases and uncovered their true causes, including the following:

A traffic violation: A trucker or another driver may have set the stage for a truck accident by speeding, blocking traffic or disobeying traffic signals. The truck driver and/or their employer may be liable to compensate you for your injuries.

A truck driver’s error, such as driving while fatigued: An examination of a truck driver’s log may reveal that they were driving while sleepy, distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Not only the trucker but also their dispatcher or supervisor may be responsible.

A malfunctioning or defective truck component: Was it a faulty turn signal light, tire, steering mechanism, brake pad or trailer hitch? The trucker, an inspector and/or a manufacturer may be to blame.

An overlooked or inadequate inspection: State and federal laws dictate how, and how often, trucks should be inspected before they operate on roads and highways. If the truck that collided with your car should not have passed inspection, I will work to find out whose negligence let that happen.

A cargo load imbalance: Loading dock personnel may have been at fault if they did not adequately balance or secure the contents of a tractor-trailer. This imbalance may have caused the truck’s trailer to swing into another lane of a highway and trigger a collision.

Poor visibility or road conditions: Some circumstances may seem to have been outside the control of a trucker, but was that truck driver following too close or driving too fast for the conditions?

Regardless of the apparent causes, no two truck accident cases are alike. Each must be closely examined to uncover all appropriate sources of compensation.

Many truck accident cases include complications such as hospital liens that may stand in the way of an injured person’s maximum financial recovery. A hospital lien can threaten to reduce an injured person’s compensation unfairly. My legal team and I have successfully helped many injured people overcome such obstacles. I have negotiated with hospitals and insurers to protect my clients’ right to fair financial recoveries.

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