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Utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), like lawn mowers and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), are often used in off-road locations, such as campgrounds, school grounds and other primarily outdoor work sites. Their use does not require a driver’s license except when they are operated on public streets. Although their intended function is for utility rather than recreation, they are perceived by many people as fun and cool to operate or ride in. However, young people are especially vulnerable to mishaps involving UTVs. In the words of Safe Ride News (an independent publishing company that specializes in educational materials developed to support the child passenger safety field), “Both UTVs and ATVs can pose serious risks to children under many circumstances.”

If you or your child suffered injuries in a UTV accident in the Corpus Christi area or beyond, you have come to the right place since I, attorney William J. Tinning, have extensive experience effectively representing clients recovering from such accidents.

More About UTVs And Accidents Involving Them

Like trucks and cars, UTVs have four wheels and steering wheels. However, like lawn mowers and ATVs, they often lack cabins, lights, turn signals and other safety features that full-sized motor vehicles typically have. In case of a rollover accident or any accident resulting in injuries, it is important to find out whether the manufacturer knowingly made and sold dangerous and defective products.

My clients appreciate knowing that I have a strong reputation in product liability cases. My work on ATV cases helped change ATV manufacturers’ safety standards. My knowledge of these legally and mechanically technical cases makes me an attorney of choice for many people who have suffered serious injuries while riding in or on riding lawn mowers, ATVs or UTVs.

Focusing On Niche Injury Claims Such As ATV And UTV Accident Cases

William J. Tinning, PC, is not simply another personal injury law firm. Along with my longstanding legal staff members, I literally go the extra mile in pursuit of the compensation that my injured clients need and deserve. Some UTV accident cases have a workers’ compensation aspect in addition to a product liability focus. I understand the importance of guarding clients’ potential settlements and verdicts from workers’ compensation liens. This is an example of a detail that not all personal injury lawyers understand how to manage. I am convinced that my over 40 years of experience gives my clients an advantage in many cases.

I would like to hear about your UTV accident and inform you about what my staff and I can do to help right away. If you choose to work with us, you will not owe attorney fees until and unless we help you obtain a verdict or settlement. To schedule a consultation, call 361-306-8343 or send an email inquiry through this website.