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Reducing risks when using a zero-turn mower 

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Firm News

There are certain areas of grass that are unreachable with a traditional lawn mower. Additionally, some spaces are just too big for a person to cover on foot. 

Zero-turn mowers allow operators to ride them, making otherwise difficult tasks much more manageable. Unfortunately, this type of mower can be dangerous, with numerous people being injured every year while operating such machinery. 

If you operate a zero-turn mower, what can you do to keep yourself safe?

Keep a safe distance from water and borders

You’ve been tasked with mowing a lawn and you want to cut as close to the edges as possible. If the grass lies adjacent to a body of deep water, it’s better to play safe and keep your distance. Typically, a distance of at least 5 ft is recommended. You can always do the bulk of the grass and tidy the edges up with a smaller piece of equipment later on. The same principle applies to embankments. It’s really not worth running the risk of operating too close to dangerous territories. 

Utilize personal protective equipment (PPE)

Temperatures during the summer months in Texas can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You may feel like gloves, safety glasses and other PPE are weighing you down. The truth is, these items are protecting you from injuries. The blades on zero-turn mowers are extremely sharp when in operation. They can also launch pieces of debris into the air that travel at lightning speeds. If you’re struck by these, you could easily be blinded. Ultimately, safety equipment can mean the difference between suffering a minor injury and one that is life-altering or even fatal. 

Sometimes, despite taking all possible safety measures, you can still be injured. The machinery you are using may not have been scrutinized properly before its sale. If your injuries have been caused by the negligence of a lawn mower company, then you may be able to hold them to account. Seeking legal guidance will give you a better idea of the options open to you.