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Communication challenges plague some brain injury victims

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Uncategorized

Traumatic brain injuries have many effects, and each victim can have different results from others who have a similar injury. One of the possible issues that can make life more difficult for the victim is trouble with communication. 

Being able to interact with the people around you is important. A traumatic brain injury can change your ability to process information, as well as your ability to convey messages to others. This may impact your personal relationships, social life, and career. 

What help is available for communication problems after a brain injury?

The treatments for communication difficulty depend on the reason for it. In some cases, the changes in your ability to communicate may resolve as the brain heals. This might require you to practice brain rest for a while after the injury. 

When the changes don’t go away on their own, treatments like speech, cognitive-behavioral, or occupational therapy may help you to find ways to cope with the challenges you’re facing. This is especially helpful for those who have dysarthria, which means you can’t use the muscles that you need to use when you’re forming words. These therapies can also help with the inability to read nonverbal signals, trouble writing words, and problems with processing information.

Taking action when the brain injury was the result of someone else’s negligence can help victims to recover the financial damages they’re having to deal with because of the incident. Texas law has time limits for filing these claims, so be sure you get started quickly after the injury so you know you don’t let the deadline pass by without you doing anything.