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Watch out for danger on a zero-turn mower

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Uncategorized

Although it may not seem like this would be the case, zero-turn lawn mowers are actually the most dangerous of all types. Why? There are often issues with their design and functionality that make them unsafe under some circumstances.

Zero-turn lawnmowers steer differently than others. They don’t have steering wheels. Instead, they have independent lever handles, and those control each of the wheels independently. The rear wheels are larger than the front, which allows the wheels of the mower to move independently of one another and in different directions at the same time. This makes the mower very maneuverable, but it also could become dangerous.

Watch your slope if you’ll use a zero-turn mower

Zero-turn mowers can be used on various slopes, but most only work well on slopes of up to 15 degrees. The machine is more likely to slide on slopes because it has rear brakes, so steeper areas could result in the mower sliding and rolling. The smaller wheels also have little in the way of tread, so they can’t help stop the vehicle.

Overturns are a risk with zero-turn mowers

Overturns are more likely with zero-turn mowers because there is an imbalance between the front and back wheels. The engine is also located on the side of the mower, so the weight is more to one side than the other. Since there is also a reduced ability to brake quickly, a slide could easily turn into an overturn.

Design flaws could put the designer and manufacturer at risk of lawsuits

If a flaw in the design of a mower is what leads to an overturn, then it is possible that you could file a lawsuit and seek compensation. Defects of the braking system, problems with an imbalance due to the engine or other problems could result in an overturn that causes serious injuries, so it is important to report accidents if they happen. If you’re hurt or know someone who is, you may be able to seek compensation from the designer or manufacturer of the mower, because they are responsible for creating a safe consumer product.