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Lawnmower accidents: Safety tips for riding lawnmowers

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

A beautifully tended lawn is every homeowner’s dream. Riding lawn mowers have gained popularity over the years thanks to their efficiency and ability to move much faster than push mowers. However, alongside their efficiency and energy-saving benefits, these mowers come with unique abilities to cause serious injuries. 

A lawnmower accident can result in serious injuries such as cuts and lacerations, burns, amputations and bone fractures among others. Here are the common riding mover accidents you need to look out for:

Back-over accidents

Kids are especially at a greater risk of being hurt when riding mowers glide backward. When these accidents happen, the children may be cut or lacerated by the turning blade. Fortunately, these injuries can be prevented by including a “No Mow in Reverse” safety feature. 

Rollover accidents

These accidents happen when the rider makes a sharp turn or operates the machine on an uneven or unstable surface. When the mower overturns, it might end up crashing the rider to result in serious injuries. Fortunately, these accidents can be prevented by making slow turns and acquiring mowers with rollover bars and lap restraints. 

Here are lawn mower riding tips that can help you avoid accidents:

  • Always ensure that your mower’s safety features such as the operator-presence control system are working perfectly. This feature ensures that the blades cease to work as soon as the driver dismounts from the mower. 
  • Always wear appropriate protective clothing and closed shoes while operating the mower.
  • Clear the lawn of both debris and human traffic (especially children) before you start mowing
  • Exercise sufficient caution when operating the mower on uneven ground or slopes
  • Inspect your mower for any loose parts or damaged components before starting the machine
  • Do not dismount from the mower whilst the engine is running

A lawnmower accident can leave you with devastating injuries. If you or someone you love has sustained a mower-related injury as a result of someone else’s fault, find out how you can pursue the compensation you deserve for your damages.