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Oil rig workers face significant dangers

| Nov 8, 2021 | Uncategorized

Oil rig workers do their job duties in a harsh marine environment. This comes with significant risks, so workers must use proper safety protocol. Employers have a duty to provide their workers with guidelines and equipment they need to remain safe. 

The risks of working on an oil rig are multifaceted. The deck of the rig can get slick. The machinery is moving around. The presence of highly combustible gases is common. All of these come with dangers. Some of those include slipping, being struck by objects, falling, burns and inhalation injuries. 

Why is working on an oil rig so risky?

Oil rigs are fairly self-contained. The workers spend blocks of days on the rig before going back to shore to return home. They usually work long hours and may not get the best rest. Fatigue and the dangers of the rig can lead to problems. While most workers return home safely at the end of their time on the rig, some are injured or killed.

When an oil rig worker suffers a serious injury, there is often a delay in them receiving medical care. They likely have to wait on an evacuation to get appropriate care. First aid and limited care are available on the rig, but the standard of care isn’t the same as what a person who can get help from paramedics and then an emergency room within a short time of the injury. 

Injured workers should learn about their right to seek compensation. This can help them to get the medical care that they need. It may also assist them in covering basic living expenses and other related costs while they’re off work.