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Multiple children have died on UTVs in Texas this year

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Uncategorized

Utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) are popular here in Texas. Adults use them for recreation or to quickly move around on rural properties. Children may ride them for fun in the yard, and teenagers too young to have their own cars might drive UTVs instead because they don’t require a license.

Unfortunately, for as fun as these vehicles can be, they are also potentially quite dangerous. Poor design means that they may be more likely than other vehicles to roll over. That exact issue has already claimed the lives of multiple young adults in Texas this year.

Teenagers on UTV’s can easily lose control

A vehicle that doesn’t have a collision-influenced design is always a rollover risk. The testing to establish how a vehicle performs in a wreck often only occurs with standard, road-legal vehicles. Many companies that manufacture UTVs won’t adequately test their designs for rollover or crash risk.

When the person controlling it is young and inexperienced, the risk is that much higher. Young people in UTV’s may make irresponsible decisions, like not wearing their safety restraints.  They may also drive aggressively or maneuver improperly due to a lack of experience. Often, young people may drive faster than they should or attempt aggressive maneuvers that lead to them losing control of the UTV.

Sadly, the manufacturers of UTVs may contribute to the tragic outcomes of these crashes through bad manufacturing and design practices. Companies that don’t include adequate safety features in their UTV’s or consider crash risk when designing them may increase the likelihood of children and teenagers suffering severe or fatal injuries on what they often perceive as large toys.

Recognizing when bad design factors into a UTV incident can help you decide if the manufacturer may have some liability for what happened.