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What happens when unpaid crash costs cause a hospital lien?

| Oct 7, 2021 | Uncategorized

Car crashes often come with severe injuries. You could hit your head on the steering wheel and develop a traumatic brain injury that affects your balance or memory. The impact of the crash could cause damage to your spinal cord or multiple fractures to your limbs. 

You may require immediate hospitalization and trauma care followed by surgery and physical therapy. Unfortunately, you may not have good health insurance or any health care coverage at all. When you cannot pay for the treatment you require, the hospital will likely still treat you but try to seek a lien against your home or other personal property as allowed under Texas state law

How should you handle a lien that results from a car crash that you didn’t cause?

You may be able to hold the other driver accountable

If you have massive medical bills in your name after suffering injuries in a car crash, the driver who hit you probably either didn’t have very good insurance on their vehicle or allowed their policy to lapse. 

In either case, you could wind up stuck with tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical debt and a lien on your property that could force you to cash out equity in your home if you ever sell it. Thankfully, you can potentially take legal action against the other driver to make them ultimately responsible for those expenses and cover your future medical costs. The more proof you have that they caused the crash, the stronger your claim will likely be. 

Taking the necessary legal action after you suffered severe injuries and financial losses can help you recover from the crash.