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What does brain injury rehabilitation entail?

| Oct 22, 2021 | Uncategorized

If you, a loved one or a friend in Texas, has ever suffered a brain injury, then you know a few things for sure. It can affect your ability to speak, walk, perform simple tasks and process information. Your independence can be greatly curtailed, at least for now. 

Activities like driving or returning to your job can be out of the question, perhaps permanently. Recovery could be slow or limited, depending on the severity and exact nature of the injury.

Without question, your life has changed dramatically. So have the lives of those closest to you. 

There may be a “new normal” that defines your existence. Rehabilitation is definitely possible, however. Over the years, as brain injuries have become better understood by the medical community, rehab has evolved as well. There are various methods, approaches and techniques.

According to the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA)’s website, “The focus of rehabilitation is to enable individuals to perform their activities of daily living (ADLs) safely and independently so they can move on to other forms of rehabilitation or transition to their home.”

What brain injury rehab options are there, and what is their purpose?

Brain injury recovery can be addressed by acute, post-acute or sub-acute rehab, day treatment or outpatient therapy, or a combination of those.

  • In acute rehab, experts help the person relearn everyday basics like eating, walking and dressing.
  • Post-acute rehab is done several hours daily and focused on restoring someone’s independence to the greatest degree possible.
  • Sub-acute rehab is geared for “persons with brain injury who need less-intensive rehabilitation services over a longer period of time,” states the BIAA website.
  • For day treatment, people are permitted to go back to their own residence in the evening.
  • In outpatient therapy, a person continues to work on regaining skills and abilities.

Being affected by a brain injury is unquestionably a serious, life-altering event. It may have occurred due to someone’s inattention or carelessness, possibly resulting from a motor vehicle collision. It might be possible to receive compensation, depending on how the injury incident occurred.