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Riding mowers are convenient but can roll over onto the rider

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

The bigger your lawn is, the longer it can take to mow the grass. Trying to push a half-acre lawn by hand could take hours and leave you with heat exhaustion and a headache. Riding lawn mowers are a convenient, labor-saving form of technology that individual homeowners and lawn maintenance professionals alike use to replace exhausting physical effort.

From a comfortable, seated position, the person mowing can maneuver across the lawn quickly, cutting down how much effort and time it takes to keep the lawn looking nice. Unfortunately, many riding mowers have questionable design features that leave their riders at elevated risk of a rollover incident.

People get hurt and die because riding mowers don’t stay in the right position

There is little question that mechanical, riding mowers reduce the amount of strain involved in maintaining a lawn, but they come up with their own risks. Every year, hundreds of people die and roughly 35,000 people end up hurt because of mowers.

A rollover incident is one of the most concerning kinds of lawnmower accidents possible. Someone mowing on an incline, or turning on a hill or in a ditch could wind up severely hurt or even killed because the mower loses balance and rolls over onto them.

Rollover incidents can cause injuries in several ways. The first is that the machine itself causes crushing injuries to the rider during the rollover. The second might be if the person falls out of the seat, leaving them exposed to the blades, which will likely not have stopped moving in the few seconds it takes for the mower to lose its balance. The consequences of rollover incidents are often life-changing if not fatal.

Bad design is often to blame in lawn mower rollovers

Manufacturers who create safety-critical products like riding lawn mowers need their engineering teams to consider all of the ways that the devices could fail when designing the products. Not enough attention goes into properly weighting and balancing devices or installing safety systems that stop the blades from turning if the unit becomes imbalanced.

Individuals could lose limbs or suffer brain injuries that end their careers. Families could lose loved ones, resulting in permanent changes to their financial and social circumstances. Understanding how design and production mistakes contribute to rollover accidents on riding mowers could help those negatively impacted by these dangerous and sometimes defective products.