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If your lawnmower rolls, you could have a product liability case

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2021 | Uncategorized

If you use a riding mower, one of the things you should look into is if the product has a rollover protection system. This system, called ROPS, is critical to your safety when you use the machinery.

Manufacturers of lawnmowers should use adequate safety systems. When they don’t, there is a real risk that you could be involved in a rollover crash and potentially be badly injured.

Not all lawnmower accidents will be a result of defects, but some may be. If your lawnmower is defective and doesn’t work property, such as by rolling over when it should not, then you may have a case.

A design defect could be at the core of your case

Product liability cases can be based on a few kinds of defects. Design defects are one of them.

With design defects, you’ll want to show that the product doesn’t meet the risk-benefit or consumer-expectation tests. To put it plainly, this means that you will have to show that the product didn’t perform safely or in the way it was intended.

Certain types of lawnmowers have special systems and safety features to prevent rollover collisions. This is because the lawnmowers themselves are said to be able to be used on high slopes. Unfortunately, when used at a high slope, there is a greater chance of the machinery rolling and causing amputations, lacerations, crushing injuries or death.

Some devices don’t have the necessary safety features even though they should. Others do, but the safety features may not work as intended. In those cases, it’s reasonable to seek out compensation from the designer or manufacturer for the design defects that led to your injuries.

If you’re hurt in a lawnmower rollover accident, you have options

If you’re hurt because your lawnmower rolled when it shouldn’t have or because the safety features didn’t work as intended, then you may have a product liability case.

After you’re hurt, seek medical attention and note the cause of the incident. As a part of the accident, photographs of the scene, or videos, should be taken as well. This, as well as information about the machine and its parts, may help you prove your case.