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How do traumatic brain injuries occur?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

There are three ways a traumatic brain injury (TBIs) can occur. First, you could get one when your head hits something like the steering wheel in a vehicle crash or the ground in a fall from height.

Second, one could happen when something hits your head with sufficient force. That might be a fast-thrown baseball on the sports field, a swinging machine arm at work, or Dave, the ex-marine after he’s had too much to drink.

The third way TBIs can happen is when a foreign object damages your brain directly.  For example, when someone is messing about with a nail gun and fires one straight at your head or when you fall from a roof onto a set of railings and a metal fence spike goes through your head. In both cases, if the metal object penetrates your brain, it could do serious damage.

Can you cure a TBI?

Some TBIs go away of their own accord. For instance, if Dave the marine only managed to land a glancing blow on your head, or if your 11-year-old son threw the baseball, you might escape with a mild TBI and feel fine in a day or so.

Other TBIs can affect you for life, inhibiting your ability to work or go about life unaided. Scientists believe you cannot repair damaged brain cells, although your brain might learn to work around the damaged area.

Rehabilitation therapy may help you recover some of your functions or at least cope better with your disability. It is hard to predict the long-term effect of a brain injury, so you need to ensure you get enough compensation to cope if things do not improve as you hope.