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Can you protect against a lawnmower rollover?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Uncategorized

Mowing the lawn should not end up in a visit to the hospital. Yet each year, many people are injured by the mowers they ride, suffering nasty injuries that, in some cases, are fatal.

The most common kind of fatal lawnmower accident is a rollover. If you work as a landscaper, you may be required to visit properties whose gardens include steep slopes or off-camber sections of grass. There is always a risk that your machine topples over in such situations.

People have been moving lawns on hillsides for decades, so the issue is nothing new. Safety technology exists that can protect users if the machine they are driving flips. Yet, it does not come as standard on all mowers. What is more, sometimes when it is supplied, it does not work.

Kubota recalls zero turn mower

If you bought a Kubota Z400 Zero Turn Mower, you will have been driving thinking the included rollover protection gives you a greater margin of safety. Knowing it is there may encourage you to tackle more challenging slopes. Yet, your faith is misplaced.

In late 2018, the company issued a recall for this model because they discovered the rollover protection was coming loose. A loose protection system will not do its job if you need it and if your flip, you could suffer catastrophic injuries which you thought the machine would safeguard you against.

Every job involves risk. If you understand the risk, you can decide whether to accept the work. Part of your decision will be the equipment you have. If that does not perform as it should, you might suffer the consequences. Claiming compensation from the manufacturer for a lawnmower rollover cannot erase your experience or injuries, but it can ease your recovery and future.